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Pro-Hide® Silver Interior Latex Ceiling Paint

Pratt & Lambert® PRO-HIDE® Silver Interior Latex Ceiling Paint is specially formulated for professional ceiling coverage at a price that is mindful of your budget. Recommended for interior drywall, plaster, masonry, properly primed metal, wood, or previously painted surfaces. For best performance, a separate professional primer is recommended.


  • Good hide
  • Resists spatter
  • Good finished appearance


Size: 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

Coverage: 400 sq ft / gallon

Finishes: Flat

Application: Nylon/polyester brush, 1/4"-3/4" nap synthetic roller cover, airless spray, conventional spray

Dry Time: 30 min to touch, 4 hrs to recoat

Cleanup: Soap and water

Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Used on properly prepared:

Ceilings, drywall, wood, metal, masonry, plaster, and previously painted surfaces

Pro-Hide® Silver Interior Latex Ceiling Paint - Interior Flat

Interior Flat




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